“Mujuru Lands Lifetime Achievement Award – WAW’

“Mujuru Lands Lifetime Achievement Award – WAW’



Staff Reporter  09 March 2017

LONDON – National People’s Party leader Joice Mujuru was yesterday bestowed with an Honorary Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of her positive contribution to society.

Mujuru is currently in London, the United Kingdom, where she has been part of the International Women’s Day Commemorations at the invitation of Firoz Lolji Centre for Africa, London School of Economics and Political Science.

She was presented with the award by Women Appreciating Women (WAW), an organisation founded by multi-award-winning entrepreneur, Kenyan-born UK-based billionaire Pauline Long, in recognition of outstanding women in various sectors of society.

On Tuesday, Mujuru made a presentation before British MPs, ambassadors, think-tanks and many others at the event to mark International Women’s Day.

WAW is a movement established to bring together women from various walks of life and to appreciate their contribution towards one another in the various aspects of life. Long’s vision is to create a community of women helpers who will lift each other.

Mujuru lands lifetime achievement award

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