Mujuru in Buhera

Mujuru in Buhera

National People’s Party (NPP) President and PRC Presidential Candidate, Dr JTR Mujuru joined thousands of mourners yesterday the 20th of February 2018 at Humanikwa village in Buhera in order to pay her farewell respect during the burial of the democratic icon, Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai . Indeed the Son of Soil got a befitting sent off from the diverse political divide.

In her farewell eulogy Dr JTR Mujuru went down the historical lane when she had a joint public demonstration and political rally against the regime with the Late Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai in Gweru. She also touched on the Memorandum of understanding signed between NPP and Mdct and subsequent negotiations which followed but could not be concluded since the late Democratic icon was not feeling well. Dr JTR Mujuru reminded the mourners that the said engagements with the late Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai showed that he believed in the progressive coming together of opposition political parties in fighting the ZANU pf regime. To that end Dr JTR Mujuru emphasized on the need for Zimbabwean opposition political parties to come together and confront the regime in 2018 watershed elections as a united front. The a foregoing constitute the totality of Dr Mujuru’ s eulogy at the funeral of the late democratic icon.

Unfortunately Dr JTR Mujuru’s farewell eulogy has been deliberately distorted by pseudo social media messengers of political falsehoods to the effect that Dr JTR Mujuru made a comical u-turn by joining MDC alliance at the funeral. Such mischievous falsehoods demonstrate how the regime is committed in ensuring that a grand coalition of like minds should not succeed. In any event coalitions are& a product of negotiation process and hence are not pronounced at funerals.

Secondly, a false and fictitious Twitter handle with the image of Dr JTR Mujuru is also doing rounds in social media imputing a false eulogy from her which she never said at the funeral. Dr Mujuru has no desire to be dragged into the internal succession matrix of MDC T. She believes that MDC T has leadership with sufficient depth and experience to decisively deal with the party’s internal process and that does not require outside interferences.

We therefore urge Zimbabweans to disregard the false circulations and Twitter handles in social media which suggests the involvement of Dr JTR Mujuru in Mdct succession processes and mislead the world that Dr JTR Mujuru joined MDC Alliance at the funeral of Dr Morgan Richard Tsvangirai. Such mischief should never and shall never destroy Zimbabweans’ will in that Opposition Political parties should join forces in confronting the regime. Put simply those who were present at the funeral knows the truth of what Mother Zimbabwe said.

May the soul of son of the soil Dr Richard Morgan Tsvangirai rest in eternal peace.

Together we can make another Great Zimbabwe possible.

Advocate Gift Nyandoro
Secretary General (National People’s Party)

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