A Time for Truth, A Time for Transformation and A Time to BUILD

Today is a historic day.
Today we present ourselves to you in humility and the humbling comfort of the people’s support. There has been intense speculation from our detractors. There has been strong anticipation from our supporters. We had to resist the temptation. The temptation to formalize our being and existence without adequate consultation with the people of Zimbabwe. This is a day of great significance in our great country’s political history. Today we confirm the existence of a viable, home grown and inclusive political party. It is now public knowledge that:



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Zimbabwe is a broken country. In dark times such as this, we look to the government of the day to serve as BUILDERS of a better country for all. We look to the government of the day to bring the change that is desired by all. We know we will not get this from the government of the day. It has broken the social contract that should exist with the Zimbabwean people. The people of Zimbabwe voted for a new democratic constitution in 2013 but it is still to be fully implemented. In line with the new constitution, we need the electoral laws reformed to ensure a free and level playing field. Is the government of the day 5 looking at this? NO. The suffering masses through their political representations, need to make this point loud and clear, so that the next election is not in any way disputed or considered flawed or rigged so as to deny legitimacy to any outcome thereof.


Our great nation is crying out for transformation.

My fellow citizens, change and hope lie in the promise of honesty and hard work. Zimbabwe National People’s Party stands for accountability, hard work and transparency to BUILD a better Zimbabwe. Corruption in any form at any level has no room in a Zimbabwe National People’s Party government. This is the commitment of Zimbabwe National People’s Party to you. The commitment to serve Zimbabwe honestly and justly. The commitment to bring about change. Our Blueprint to Unlock Investment and Leverage for Development (BUILD) outlines our policy thrust to change Zimbabwe for good.


Zimbabwe National People’s Party believes in a Zimbabwe that belongs to all people who call it home, regardless of disability, ethnicity, gender, 6 nationality, political affiliation, race, or religious affiliation. This was an important value of Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle and Zimbabwe National People’s Party is entirely devoted to this particular value. Zimbabwe National People’s Party is therefore an inclusive party. It is a party made of many, a diversity of Zimbabweans brought together by common values inherent in us and the vision for our nation that we carry and the realization that we have to save this great nation from wanton destruction by those who do not see what the people value and want.


Zimbabwe National People’s Party is informed by the values of Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle. The legacy of the liberation struggle belongs to all Zimbabweans. We fought for the right to self determination, the right to freedom, the right to vote under the principle of one person one vote and NOT one “man” voting for us ALL.


One of Zimbabwe’s greatest sons in the liberation war, General Josiah Magama Tongogara, once said: “We are not fighting against the white man. We are fighting against a system. It is the system, the system, that system which is unjust”. Today that unjust system ZANLA, ZIPRA and the Zimbabwean masses fought against, remains a noose around our necks, as that system has stolen any hope for the people of 7 Zimbabwe.