Joice Mujuru

Joice Mujuru


Joice Mujuru  is the President of  National Peoples Party (NPP) formerly known as Zimbabwe People First(ZimPF),  who served as Vice President of Zimbabwe from 2004 to 2014. Previously she served as a government minister for years, beginning at independence in 1980, when she became the youngest member of the Cabinet as Sports and Recreation Minister. This was after she served her country during the War of Liberation, from 1972 to 1980,  under the nom de guerre Teurai Ropa where she  rose to the to the rank of Commissar.  She was married to Solomon Mujuru until his death in 2011.

  • Date of Birth:15 April 1955
  • Born In:Mt. Darwin, Zimbabwe
  • Best known as:Zimbabwe War of Liberation Veteran, Former Vice President of Zimbabwe
Joice Mujuru

Military Service

War of Liberation

Zimbabwe African National Liberation Army

(1972 - 1980)

After completing two years of secondary education, she decided to join the Zimbabwe War of Liberation under the name de guerre Teurai Ropa, she downed a helicopter with a machine gun on 17 February 1974 after refusing to flee. She rose to become one of the first women commanders in the ZANLA forces. In 1977 she married Solomon Mujuru, known then as Rex Nhongo, deputy commander-in-chief of ZANLA.

Political Career


Sports and Recreation


Became the youngest member of the Cabinet in 1980

Vice President

Republic of Zimbabwe

(2004 -2014)

First Woman Vice President of Zimbabwe


National Peoples Party (NPP) President Press Conference

Joice Mujuru addressing the press at the launch of ZimPF now National Peoples Party (NPP)