You can join NPP by going online to Visit and follow the links to Become a Member or JOIN You can also See your area representatives who will issue you with an application form to be filled in. This forms will then be taken to your District Office for processing of your membership after payment of the membership fee. You can also Visit the Local NPP District Offices in your area for processing of your membership forms and payment of the membership Fee.

No, Payments are made directly at the designated district offices ONLY. PLEASE NOTE: No payments are made out to individuals or other any other party representatives on the street. Please ensure your payments are made directly to the district office and that an official receipts has been issues from the office.

When you join online, you automatically have an online account. Holders of Online accounts are automatically able to do the following:

  • Receive Online notifications for Party activities in your area
  • Receive invitation notices directly to your contact details online.
  • Participate in members only Discussion, Chats, Online Conferences.
  • Receive updates and Online News as well as access to ONLINE Magazines and Publications
  • And MUCH MORE..

Membership fee is $12.00 per year  for registering through the online platform. This applies mainly to Diaspora. Membership can be paid up to five years(5years) in advance. Once paid in advance, paid up  members will not be affected by any unforeseen membership fee increases and you avoid annual renewals. If you live in mainland Zimbabwe however, membership fee is currently pegged at One dollar ($1.00) per annum. Membership fees are subject to revisions and increases. 

No. Donations are not mandatory but optional. NPP is financed ONLY by its members and well wishers  for all its operations and activities. Your Party needs your Moral Support, Intellectual Support as well as Financial support. As a home and People grown Party we believe a party that’s not supported by its people will end up selling out to the cause and losing legitimacy.

The Party has its head office in Harare. However the Party has provincial offices and district offices in every province in the country. With time, the districts offices will also be headquartered in the individual districts to allow people first greater access to serve the people and make the party more accessible.

Upon filling in the application form with all the required details, your membership will be processed after the payment of $12.00 membership fee per year or $60.00 for 5 years.. You will be issued with a membership number upon confirmation of payment. IMPORTANT: Please keep this receipt as you will need it to collect your membership card after it has been processed. It can take up to 2 weeks for your card to get to you. You can start using your membership account immediately. Online processing works pretty much the same way as manual processing. However with online application processing, you have immediate access to your membership account. Please read the above for benefits of an online account. All members can apply for an online account anytime using your membership number. Your account details are confidential and encrypted. No one has access to your account or details unless you give it to them. Depending on your preference, your card will either be mailed to you or to your local area representative, who will then ask you to come in and sign for it on receipt of the same. Bulk processing is available ONLY at provincial level where processing of multiple cards for members in the rural communities and villages is required. The process is still the same but in this case, application forms are processed in batches. Please see your local area representative if you have 10 or more people that want their cards processed at the same time.

All paid members of NPP are registered to vote in all party elections and activities. However Voting in National elections requires one to be also registered with the Zimbabwe Electoral commission. Your representative will be able to check for you and tell you if you are not a registered voter. National People’s Party will assist all members by walking them through this process. YOUR VOTE IS YOUR VOICE.  REGISTER TO VOTE.

Anyone can be a member of the party regardless of where or which country you are currently living. However to vote in National Elections, the current electoral laws in Zimbabwe requires one be physically present in the country during elections, and that one be also registered to vote with the Zimbabwe electoral commission. NPP together with other political parties in Zimbabwe are pushing for electoral reforms that will among other things level out the playing field by allowing Zimbabwean all over the world to make their vote count and let their voice be heard regardless of where they are.

NPP is a new Political Party, comprised of many Zimbabweans from all walks of life. Until  March 3rd 2017, National People’s Party was known as Zimbabwe People First Party (ZimPF). Following the dismissal of rogue members from the party, the party unanimously decides to rebrand so as not to be caught up in a costly war of ownership of the former name. The majority of NPP members have no previous political involvement of any kind and are aged 18 to 50. This means that none if any of them have witnessed or enjoyed any prosperity under ZanuPF rule. Many of these members are also very illusioned  about the promises of Zimbabwe’s War of Liberation. This Generation now need to liberate itself and usher in the freedom and prosperity that the national constitution promises them. They have been robbed of their future,  robbed of their dreams and all hopes stolen with their lives laid to waste. The remaining NPP members come from very diverse backgrounds, former members of other political formations, NGOs and from the Diaspora. NPP is not an off-shoot of any of  any of the pre-existing Political Party. We are also very different from ZanuPF in ideology and approach to serving the people. We work with all progressive political forces and organizations that seek to Build and improve Zimbabwe. We believe in the Coalition of efforts necessary to succeed in the task that lay ahead.

Ideologically NPP believes that the People are the true Center of Power and the entire party structure with its leadership at the bottom exists for the sole purpose of serving the people that elected them into leadership positions. Every person in NPP has one vote and every vote counts. We believe in one man, one woman, one youth,  ONE VOTE and not one man voting for us all.

All leadership position in the Party are my election ONLY or as provided by the election and nomination rules of the party.. All elections start at the grassroots at cell level.  Leadership starts with the people at the bottom electing their representation all the way to the top. The leadership of the party exists only to serve the people at the grassroots that have entrusted them to leadership. The Party constitution is the supreme law of the National Peoples Party and not the whims of  powerful individuals.